Set up in 2010, the Automotive Innovation Pole counts about 60 partners including enterprises of different sizes as well as research centres and the Engineering Department of the University of L’Aquila. It acts within the framework of the Programme for Automotive Innovation, aiming at innovating the production of business and non-business vehicles so as to strengthen the ecosystem and the industry competitiveness. As a priority, the programme seeks to encourage the establishment of larger international companies that are successful in terms of innovation, product quality and flexibility in innovating productive processes, to the benefit of research and development, skills, education, business culture and cooperation amongst all players across the chain. In the first place, the strategy focuses on integrating local resources and encouraging the internationalisation of businesses. Its goal is, ultimately, improving interdependency and liability as well as cooperation amongst companies, employees, educational system and institutions.The Automotive Innovation Pole aims at contributing to the reinforcement of the regional innovation system in the automotive sector.
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