MOBINOV is a competitiveness cluster in the automotive industry, which aims to promote the convergence of various players in the national automotive industry, including global manufacturers and suppliers present in Portugal, national suppliers, associations and knowledge centres and universities, around an ambitious action plan and structured in programs aimed at the development of the industry.

Constituted in May 2017, currently has 63 members (13 Large Enterprises, 29 SME’s and 16 research institutes and universities, and 5 associations).

MOBINOV echoes the visions of Portugal as a reference in the research, design, development, manufacture, and testing of automotive industry products and services, through the reinforcement of the competitiveness of the automotive sector, promoting the increase of exports and internationalization, by positioning our industry in the global market competitively and distinctively, taking advantage of what we do best in our country, like our flexibility and our talent, and prepare a new cycle of the automotive industry on a trajectory for the “car as a service”, and other automotive global trends.

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