Project Coordinator

Roscioli Development srl is an organization that has been supporting private and public, industrial, and service organizations for over twenty years to evolve and develop their capabilities. The founder has a long experience in management and strategic consulting with important industrial and services Italian companies.

There are two pillars that guide the RD’s projects:

  • People, with their competencies, abilities, and passion make the difference;
  • Evolution and development are connected with the emerging future.

RD has expertise in Foresight and Scenarios Analysis especially applied in the field of Competence Design and Development. The experience gained has allowed RD to develop a lean, sustainable and scientific approach. RD has adapted and implemented a specific tool called “Skill Roadmap” aimed at planning and implementing the transformation of the competencies of entire organizations/ecosystems or parts of them. It combines “future”, “strategy” and “capabilities”.

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