The Italian-German Chamber of Commerce (ITALCAM) is a German no-profit association of industrial and commercial enterprises, professionals and traders who wish to work actively to develop economic relationships in Europe, especially between Italy and Germany. 

Active for more than 90 years on the territory, ITALCAM is also officially recognized by the Italian Government, as a strategic actor for the support in bilateral cooperation and for the assistance to entrepreneurs and SMEs: The Chamber promotes and supports the different phases of the internationalization process, providing commercial assistance to German and Italian enterprises through its large international network. The aim is to develop initiatives in order to share experiences and best practices between Italian and German enterprises, local and public authorities.

Moreover, ITALCAM develops services and projects focused on SMEs support, as main contractor or as a partner, acting as facilitator for the market uptake of new businesses as well as promoter of already well-established economic relations between Italy and Germany and in general enhancing the culture of entrepreneurship.

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